Customer Service revolutionary. Social Responsibility.


HB Pencil Ltd. is revolutionizing the problems associated with Contact Centres. By taking staff who have difficulties getting to the traditional locations and allowing them to work from home we are creating a revolution. People who are challenged can now work alongside the able bodied – the only difference is that they work from home. HB Pencil is about Home Based – this means that our agents are dedicated, trained and less prone to attrition. More details coming soon.


The HB Pencils are also proud members of the Entrepreneurial Spark Programme in Scotland – building Scotland’s new vision.


David McKenna is a co-founder of Red Box Recorders Ltd., an Internet Protocol packet recording company. David has also provided consulting services to the Telecommunications Industry.
David is one of the leading experts in the field of Voice Over IP technologies and their effect on business communications. He has also been classed as a pioneer in the field of Internet Telephony.
David is frequently quoted in the trade and business press as one of only a few, who have the ability to see issues and challenges from both a commercial and technical viewpoint.

Visionary technology business creator. Product innovations include the world’s first VOIP call recording solution, which is now installed in over 40 countries. C Level negotiator and business development expert. Worldwide sales and business development experience including Europe and North America. Innovative and highly motivated to meet challenges.


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